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With almost 20 million American adults living with substance abuse disorders, the need for effective, compassionate addiction treatment and management has never been greater. Oasis Recovery, with locations in Nashua, and Concord, New Hampshire, James Mirazita, MD, and his team help patients from Hillsborough and Merrimack Counties recover from addiction and restore their quality of life. 

Oasis Recovery provides personalized substance abuse disorder treatments, including pharmaceutical addiction rehabilitation and opioid addiction programs. The team offers addiction management services, including recovery programs and relapse prevention. They use medication-assisted treatment, including Suboxone® and buprenorphine, to help patients break the cycle of addiction.

The team at Oasis Recovery has decades of experience helping patients recover from addiction. Their treatment programs address the physical and psychological aspects of addiction. With backgrounds in pain management and addiction, the team understands the complex connections between the mind and body and how pain can lead to a cycle of dependence and addiction. 

Oasis Recovery welcomes new patients who are ready to commit to recovery. The practice aims to provide affordable, effective treatment. They accept most insurance plans, although the team also sees patients without insurance. Consultations and appointments are available by calling the practice or booking online. 


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280 Main St, Suite 431 
Nashua, NH 03060

197 Louden Rd, Suite 200
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