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Oasis Recovery Centers is an innovative treatment program in Nashua, NH. The purpose of its founding was to fill the gap that existed in the community and expand patients’ options for treatment. We realized the need within our community to provide support to those struggling with addiction. Let’s face it – we’ve all seen the media coverage regarding the public health opioid crisis. And you can talk to nearly anyone and they will have a story about someone they know who is struggling with dependence or addiction. Addiction knows no boundaries and the statistics are staggering.

Our providers have decades of experience providing care to patients, and understand not only the treatment but the underlying factors that lead to addiction and dependence. They have spent their careers studying the human body and mind, focusing on pain, causes and treatments of pain, behavior modification and the complicated sequela of addiction and dependence. We pride ourselves on understanding you and your needs, and have a strong collaboration with community partners to provide you with the support and treatment that you desire.

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