Getting Help for Yourself Or a Loved One



It can happen to anyone. Many people don’t realize that it’s possible to become dependent or addicted to medication that is prescribed to you. Whether it’s Vicodin, Percocet, Oxycodone, or even illicit opiates like heroin, dependence is difficult. We understand and can help you. Opioid dependence can be scary and can consume your life. It’s time to take control back. Our specially trained staff is here to support you in a comfortable, compassionate, and safe treatment program. You can do it.

We are an outpatient treatment program with federally licensed providers who can evaluate you and design a treatment program to help. Once you are established at our center you will have access to our skilled clinicians as well as community partners if you need the extra support. A convenient, reasonable treatment plan is important to you and to us, so you won’t experience daily visits for medications. Using a buprenorphine derivative medication (eg SUBOXONE) we will help to avoid the difficult withdrawals and stabilize you as you work through recovery. Maintenance and tapering programs are individualized.



Let us help you and your loved ones.

Are you concerned about a friend or loved one but are not sure how to help them? Do you see warning signs that concern you but don’t know what to say or if they really need help? You’ve taken the very important first step by visiting our website and seeking information.

We understand that addiction doesn’t affect just one person. It affects the whole family and social network. We also know that not everyone who uses pain medication is addicted. But paying attention to early signs can help you to help them sooner rather than later. Have you noticed changes in their behavior? Do they worry when their medication is about to run out? Are they having troubles at home or work?

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