Medication Assisted Treatment



At Oasis Recovery Center we use a buprenorphine derivative medication (eg SUBOXONE) to slowly assist you in separating from dependence on opioids. The primary purpose of using buprenorphine, along with counseling and therapies, is to reduce the discomforts of cravings and withdrawals. Patients who actively participate in MAT have improved success rates, fewer overdoses, and greater long term results.

What is buprenorphine and how does it work? Buprenorphine is a partial opioid agonist that bonds very strongly to the opioid receptor sites. However, the high, euphoric effects are not as significant as with other opioids, which helps the body and the individual through the stages of recovery from addiction. Increasing doses of buprenorphine doesn’t actually increase the effects of it, which also helps to limit risk of dependence and abuse.

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