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Recovering from addiction can be a long process, and between 40-60% of people relapse at some point during their journey. James Mirazita, MD, and his team at Oasis Recovery in Nashua, Bedford, and Concord, New Hampshire, provide customized addiction management services to keep your treatment on track and reduce your risk of relapse. Call Oasis Recovery today or schedule a consultation online for expert addiction management.

Addiction Management Q & A

What is addiction management?

Substance abuse disorder, also called addiction is a chronic disease that requires ongoing treatment. Like other chronic illnesses, disease management is critical to your recovery and long-term health.

 The team at Oasis Recovery provides multi-pronged addiction management services to provide the structure and support you need to succeed.

Medication management

Medication-assisted treatment is a critical part of many addiction treatment plans. Medication like Suboxone® can relieve the physical symptoms of addiction, like cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Reducing your physical need for drugs allows you to focus your efforts on counseling and making healthy choices. 

Follow-up appointments

No one makes it through addiction alone. The team at Oasis Recovery provides frequent follow-up appointments to monitor your progress, check in on your well-being, and adjust your treatment as needed to keep you on track. They also offer alternative pain management therapies to address underlying conditions that led to your dependence and addiction to drugs.


Individual and group counseling can help you explore any underlying mental or emotional issues that contribute to your substance abuse disorder. You also learn new strategies for coping with negative thoughts and feelings. Counseling can also help you deal with the emotional effects of chronic pain conditions. 

Lifestyle modifications

Throughout your addiction treatment, the team provides advice and support to help you optimize your health. You can learn about nutrition and adjust your diet or introduce supplements to enhance your health. The team might suggest moderate exercise or new activities to create routines that don’t include substance abuse. 

When should I talk to a doctor about addiction management?

It’s easy to ignore or justify substance abuse. However, if you’ve tried to quit using drugs without success, it’s time to ask for help. Other signs that you need addiction management services include failing to meet your responsibilities at home or work because of your drug use or engaging in risky or self-destructive behaviors to access your drug of choice. 

Why is addiction management important?

Addiction is a dangerous disease — approximately 130 Americans die of overdoses every day. Addiction management helps you stay on track with your treatment and recovery, helping you regain your health and quality of life. 

Call Oasis Recovery today or make an appointment online to learn more about addiction management and how it can help you.