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If you’re one of the almost 20 million Americans living with a substance abuse disorder, James Mirazita, MD, and his team at Oasis Recovery in Nashua, Bedford, and Concord, New Hampshire can help. The group offers personalized recovery programs combining medication-assisted treatment (MAT) with alternative pain management techniques and counseling recommendations. Call Oasis Recovery or schedule a consultation online today for a compassionate, effective recovery program.

Recovery Program Q & A

What is a recovery program?

The team at Oasis Recovery offers customized recovery programs to help you fight substance abuse disorders. Recovery programs combine treatments such as MAT, counseling, pain management, and lifestyle modifications to help you stop craving and using drugs. 

What are the warning signs of addiction?

Addiction is a chronic disease. It causes a variety of psychological and physical symptoms that interfere with the way you think and behave. Some of the warning signs of addiction that indicate you could benefit from a recovery program include:

  • Having frequent and intense urges to use drugs
  • Thoughts about using drugs block out all other thoughts
  • Needing more of the drug to get the same effect
  • Using more of the drug than you intended 
  • Doing things you wouldn’t normally do to get the substance
  • Failing to meet your responsibilities at home or work because of your drug use
  • Continuing to use drugs despite increasingly negative consequences
  • Trying to stop using the drug on your own, but failing

If you want to stop abusing drugs, whether you use prescription medication or street drugs, the team at Oasis Recovery can help. 

What should I expect during my recovery program?

There are several phases of a MAT-based recovery program. You have frequent appointments throughout your program so the team can monitor your progress and adjust your plan as needed to keep you on track. 


The first phase is the induction. You need to be in the early stages of withdrawal to start MAT. If an opioid is still in your system, the medication could trigger severe and rapid withdrawal symptoms. A member of the team at Oasis Recovery gives you your first dose in the office. They monitor the effects and fine-tune your prescription, if necessary. You have at least two appointments in the first week of your program. 


Over the next several weeks, you have follow-up appointments at least once a week for the team at Oasis Recovery to monitor your progress. They adjust your treatment as needed to find the correct dose for you. You should contact the team any time you feel a craving or a trigger to use drugs.

You might also start counseling, attending peer support groups, or receiving alternative pain management treatments during the stabilization phase. 

Maintenance phase

The maintenance phase makes up the majority of your recovery program. You continue to take your medication and meet with the team at Oasis Recovery for as long as it takes. Some patients stay in the recovery phase for 12-18 months, and some need more time. 

Tapering phase

Eventually, you and your provider identify a time to start reducing your prescription. Tapering is a gradual process, and if you feel at risk of relapse at any time, you should tell the team at Oasis Recovery and return to the maintenance phase. 

If you’re ready to start a recovery program, call Oasis Recovery, or schedule an appointment online today.