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During a medication-assisted treatment (MAT) program with medication like Suboxone®, the maintenance phase is a critical part of your recovery. James Mirazita, MD, and his team at Oasis Recovery in Nashua, Bedford, and Concord, New Hampshire, provide Suboxone maintenance to help you stay on track with your recovery and reduce your risk of relapse. Call Oasis Recovery today or schedule a consultation online today to learn more about Suboxone maintenance and its role in your recovery.

Suboxone Q & A

What is Suboxone maintenance?

Suboxone treatment is a long-term therapy for opioid addiction, including several phases. Suboxone maintenance is the longest stage of your treatment. 

You meet with your team regularly and take Suboxone every day. This part of treatment is critical to helping you avoid relapse and stay on track for recovery.

Between 40-60% of patients in addiction treatment relapse and return to drug use, at least temporarily. It’s not a sign of failure, and you shouldn’t give up on yourself if you have a setback in your recovery. 

Suboxone maintenance helps you avoid relapse by curbing your cravings and other physical symptoms that can lead you back to substance abuse. 

What happens during the maintenance phase?

During Suboxone maintenance, you take your prescribed dose as directed by your doctor and have routine follow-up appointments. You have regular blood and urine tests and need to share any cravings or other concerns with the team at Oasis Recovery. 

You should take your Suboxone at the same time every day. Without a daily routine, like taking your medicine before you get in the shower, it can be easy to forget. Missing even a single dose of Suboxone can interfere with the success of your treatment.  

You also work on changing your habits and behaviors during the maintenance phase. You practice making healthy choices and learn different methods to cope with pain and negative thoughts and feelings instead of using drugs. 

Do I have to go to counseling?

Counseling isn’t required. However, the team at Oasis Recovery encourages you to participate in addiction counseling and peer support groups. Even if your substance abuse disorder began with prescription medication for pain, counseling can help you adjust your behavior and resolve any underlying issues that contribute to your condition. 

How long does Suboxone maintenance last?

Suboxone maintenance lasts for as long as necessary. The average amount of time is 12-18 months, but the team at Oasis Recovery tailors your treatment to meet your specific needs. Talk to the team about your symptoms, cravings, and experiences honestly and in detail so they can customize your treatment. 

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